DAO Reviews

Tranche.Finance - Compound/AAVE Tranche Contracts

1. Who you are and a brief description of the feature/project
I’m Talal from Tranche.Finance; a decentralized protocol for managing risk. To start, the protocol integrates with any interest accrual token, such as Compound’s cTokens and AAVE’s aTokens, to create two new interest-bearing instruments, one with a fixed-rate, Tranche A, and one with a variable rate, Tranche B. The protocol is currently integrated with Compound and charges fees in Dai and ETH.

2. What’s the scope of the review? (e.g. github link, code snippet, private sharing)
Review of the Tranche system for cTokens (externally audited by Blaize.tech)

Review of the Tranche system for aTokens (Not audited yet)

Happy to discuss scope in further detail.

3. What kind of review do you need? (e.g. security, high level, gas optimization…)
Security + Economic Exploits

4. What’s the deadline? (e.g. 2 weeks, a month)
By 15th of April.

5. Optional skills/level required for the reviewers
Expert DeFi/Solidity devs able to provide security related issues or potential economic exploits.

6. Incentives/Rewards for reviewers
Up to 10,000 USD worth of SLICE depending on comprehensiveness of review.

If this is of interest, please let me know (Telegram on Ttabbaa or email on talal@jibrel.io)

Looking forward to working with you :slight_smile:


  1. Deadline: Open to extending this by a few weeks

  2. Incentives: Compensation can be done in a mix of SLICE / ETH