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Rari Capital - Fuse

1. Who you are and a brief description of the feature/project

Hello everyone! I’m Jack from Rari Capital.

Rari Capital in its current form is a non-custodial yield aggregator that you can view here: https://app.rari.capital/. We will soon be launching Fuse, a market of money markets allowing for a full customizable experience.

The scope of the audit will be the Compound Protocol contracts and the Fuse contracts. We are currently engaged with Quantstamp for a full-audit, and we are looking for ways to work with experts in the ecosystem for more code reviews.

While we have not published much information about Fuse, here is our most recent Medium article explaining the product: A prelude to Fuse.. Building a dynamic market of money… | by Jai Bhavnani | Rari Capital | Feb, 2021 | Medium

2. What’s the scope of the review? (e.g. github link, code snippet, private sharing)

Currently the repositories are private, but we will share once we mutually agree on the review(s).

  1. Compound Protocol

The code for the Fuse pools themselves: a modified version of compound-protocol v2.7 with multiple admins, fees on interest, gas optimizations, a CEtherDelegator proxy contract, etc.

Added lines of code: 1106

  1. Fuse Contracts

The fuse-contracts repository contains price oracles for Fuse pools, a directory for Fuse pools, flashloan-enabled liquidations, lenses for compound-protocol contracts, etc.

Lines of code: 2365

3. What kind of review do you need? (e.g. security, high level, gas optimization…)

100% security

4. What’s the deadline? (e.g. 2 weeks, a month)

Ideally 2 weeks (by March 22nd)

5. Optional skills/level required for the reviewers

Experts that know the DeFi space well, especially Compound Protocol.

6. Incentives/Rewards for reviewers

  1. From $10,000 up to $20,000 worth of RGT as a base (depending on the quality and comprehensiveness of the review)
  2. Additional bonuses for any discovered exploits

Please post your interest with evidence of your skills in your reply.

Looking forward to working with you!


I would like to take a look!

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