DAO Reviews

Nightman.eth available for reviews

Hello, I’m nightman. I am available for code reviews.

I have extensive experience developing, testing, and auditing smart contracts. I have an intimate knowledge of many major DeFi protocols and closely track the best-practices in smart contract security and incentive design. I am fluent in Solidity, familiar with common security tools like Slither and Mythril, and have a strong understanding of the EVM.

I recently discovered a randomness exploit in DarkForest v0.5, which is described in this blog post [Guest Post] Exploiting DF v0.5 Artifact Minting | Dark Forest Blog. I also tracked down some loose change for Yearn a few months ago: https://twitter.com/bantg/status/1309893210165202945. My atomic.blue degen score is 910. Happy to provide past examples of audit work if needed.

I am available for quick 1-2 hour peer reviews or more focused 1-2 day deep dives, depending on my schedule and the timeline of the project being reviewed.

I am on Discord in most well-trafficked DeFi servers as nightman.eth#6904.