DAO Reviews

Kirk Hutchison Solidity Dev

  1. Who you are and a brief description of your interests
    I am a dev working mostly in Solidity. I am working as a contractor at the moment at two projects, Primitive Finance and Tacen App. After Emiliano helped us at Primitive with our recent white hat, I was inspired to get involved in open security community.

  2. What kind of review do you want to do? (e.g. security, high level, gas optimization…)
    Interested mostly in security review and also happy to do high level work.

  3. What’s your availability? (e.g. 1 hour per day, 1 day per week)
    Depends on the project, I set my own schedule so we can agree on a duration and scope for the review, for example one contract and one week.

  4. Specific skills you have and some links to reviews/initiative you did
    Might help to describe what my process would look like for a review. Roughly like this:

  • read docs and talk to devs to understand specification for the code
  • run tests, play with them and make sure they break when they should and that coverage is good
  • do static analysis to detect standard vulnerabilities like reentrancy
  • look for the “weak points” in the contract (calls to external contract and any math being done inside the contract especially).
  1. Incentives/Rewards you are willing to accept (also for free)
    If you are a solo dev looking for a small review I would be happy to do for free in exchange for you returning the favor down the line :grin:
    For projects with team/funds/tokens I am open minded, happy to get token reward for an audit, we can discuss depending on what you would like me to help with. If you want to get in touch with me and I don’t answer here @OneTrueKirk on twitter is a good way.



Thank you to have you here @OneTrueKirk

Let’s start to review the open asks here

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