DAO Reviews

Emiliano Bonassi

  1. Who you are and a brief description of your interests

I am Emiliano, DeFi is my hobby and I am building on it since Nov 2019.

I’ve built sai2dai.xyz, snx.link, hal.xyz and recently approached Yearn building some strategies on top of Idle Finance protocol.

I like to be involved in this community and shared my expertise in various security issues for analysis and event management. Just to name one of them (one of the longest) I helped during Pickle Finance hack.

  1. What kind of review do you want to do?

I do not have any particular preference. I like most security and gas optimization ones but willing to help for general purpose ones.

  1. What’s your availability?

4 hours per week, mostly during the weekend.

  1. Specific skills you have and some links to reviews/initiative you did

I have a broad knowledge of the various protocols. I love Synthetix, Yearn and Aave but I am confident with many others.

  1. Incentives/Rewards you are willing to accept (also for free)

I do for learning and have new ideas inception. Rewards are always welcome anyway.