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Cover Protocol V2 Core Peer Review Ask

  1. Who you are and a brief description of the feature/project
    I am Pumpkin from Cover Protocol. Cover Protocol is a peer-to-peer coverage platform.

  2. What’s the scope of the review? (e.g. github link, code snippet, private sharing)
    This is a review of the Cover Core V2 code. Will share once we mutually agreed on the review(s).

  3. What kind of review do you need? (e.g. security, high level, gas optimization…)
    All. I am open to one category if that is your specialty.

  4. What’s the deadline? (e.g. 2 weeks, a month)
    1 month

  5. Optional skills/level required for the reviewers
    Experts. This is a reasonably complicated system (v1 in Andre’s words, v2 is a bit more so).

  6. Incentives/Rewards for reviewers
    0-10 COVERs based on the work. I am open to casually look (findings will be rewarded) to serious reviews.

Please post your interest with some proof of skills in replies.

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Hi i’m interested in code review.

I am software engineer mostly focused in android development for some years now.

I work in at Smith Micro Software.

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Hello, I’m nightman. I am available for code reviews.

I have extensive experience developing, testing, and auditing smart contracts. I have an intimate knowledge of many major DeFi protocols and closely track the best-practices in smart contract security and incentive design. I am fluent in Solidity, familiar with common security tools like Slither and Mythril, and have a strong understanding of the EVM.

I recently discovered a randomness exploit in DarkForest v0.5, which is described in this blog post [Guest Post] Exploiting DF v0.5 Artifact Minting | Dark Forest Blog. I also tracked down some loose change for Yearn a few months ago: https://twitter.com/bantg/status/1309893210165202945. My atomic.blue degen score is 910. Happy to provide past examples of audit work if needed.

I am on Discord in most well-trafficked DeFi servers as nightman.eth#6904.


Hi Rkardo58,

Thanks for your interest. What’s your Solidity experience like?

Hi, I am interested! I am a Software Engineer with 5 years of experience in web development. I have a decent knowledge of solidity and blockchain protocols. I have done a few projects on Solidity in the past.

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Awesome. Whats your discord and gh?

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I am so proud @Rkardo58, @nightman.eth and @codehacker you decided to be brave and offer your support to @crypto-pumpkin !

I kindly ask you to add your profile (@nightman.eth is already there) also in the offer section, thanks!

In this way you could be easily searchable for other projects and we got all the profiles over there

Think about that section as your “LinkedIn” profile inside ReviewsDAO to present yourself for offerers


My Discord : savelank#4285
Github: saikiransanthosh · GitHub

How are going the reviews @crypto-pumpkin ?